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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  April 7, 2012 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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several people were hurt. no one was killed. a student was at the controls with an instructor seated behind him. both ejected from the jet right before impact, one man rushed to help one of the pilots. he had some blood coming out of his nose. i made sure he didn't have any broken bones. he apologized for crashing into our complex, and i chuckled and told him, don't worry about it. we're alive and we'll get you out of here as fast as we can. >> fire officials say environmental crews are now on the scene and it could take up to a week to clear the wreckage. this morning officials say they've located everyone who lived in that apartment complex. at one point three people were unaccounted for. the impact of the crash set five buildings on fire. the wreckage scattered throughout a court yard. fire officials told news 4 some 40 apartment units were either damaged or destroyed. dozens spent the night at hotels and a shelter set up for those who lived in the crash site.
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meanwhile, others described what they heard when the jet went down. >> we just heard three big booms and i didn't think anything of the first three because i thought they were training or something, you know what i mean, and then all of a sudden we heard a series of probably eight to ten booms and we were like, okay, that's real close. >> and when i heard the first boom, i thought it was like they were breaking the sound barrier but they don't do that here. and then it sounded like something was cartwheeling. what the heck? >> fire officials say the jet dumped most of its fuel right before the crash. that move likely prevented a larger fire. and joining us now to shine some light on what it's like to fly an f-18 is military reporter leah sutton. >> she lives in san diego. thank you so much for joining us, leah. >> thank you for having me. >> we know you have a lot of experience with these jets and they are used and are very highly successful in combat.
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we are hearing from officials that a catastrophic mechanical malfunction is the reason for this crash. can you explain to us what that possibly means as far as what went wrong? >> well, angie, there's a number of things that could have gone wrong for an airplane, for an f-18 to crash on takeoff. it's a very vulnerable phase of flight because you are low and slow and trying to get away from the ground. certain catastrophic failures could have occurred. for example, complete hydraulics failure or a dual engine failure, even electrical failure would make it unflyable to the point where the pilots really couldn't do anything at some point and would just have to eject. >> and, leah, i'm curious to know what it's like that moment when you realize you have to eject. you have to ditch that jet because i guess there's a point it gets to -- >> you can't waste any time. >> well, that's a very good question.
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fortunately, i was never in a situation i had to make that decision to eject. one thing i can say about that, pilots are very well trained in the navy to be able to make that decision. they are crucial to keeping the airplane flying so then you can work through the problem so if it's flyable then you would go through those emergency procedures and work through the problem, but even in training they put us in sim is lators where they give us catastrophic failures to make sure that we would make that decision to eject before crashing and losing our own life. >> we know the crash happened in a highly populated area, leah, is there anything these pilots could have done differently? >> that's a great question, too. there is a point in an f-18, it is a maneuverable airplane, one that has the ability to glide. so a lot of people wonder could they have glided away? certain catastrophic failures in an f-18 make it completely unflyable to the point it's batescally a rock falling out of the sky. in this situation i seriously
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doubt the pilots could have done anything except get out of the airplane before losing their own lives. what makes me think that is their parachutes and the pilots actually landed very close to the krarn site which indicates a very low ejection and a last-second decision. >> leah, what was your reaction when you saw the crash scene, the video is just really incredible and really surprising that no one was injured or at least very seriously injured or killed in this. >> i think it's amazing that at this point we haven't heard of anyone losing their life as a result of this. it's hard to watch an f-18 have a crash like that. it's always a relief to know that people are okay. it is a populated area around that particular naval base. i flew there myself. it is very crowded. the city of virginia beach is constantly want iing to build u that area and to use the property around that base, and it's always kind of something that's between the navy and the city there where the navy is trying it to keep that bubble,
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that protective bubble, secure and the city is always wanting to continue building there, so that is an issue at oceana. >> leah sutton joining us live, we appreciate your insight. thank you so much. >> thank you. and look for much more on this fighter jet crash story on nbcis we posted raw video of the crash scene along with pictures and more accounts from witnesses. >> it's a terrible scene out there when you see that destruction, all these people losing their homes. luckily no one lost their life. >> what's great is in their investigation what they do have are two live pilots. this is better than a black box. >> no kidding. >> they can give accounts of what happened. >> all those years of training they were going through for the pilot and the trainee sitting in the front there are having those two make it through will give 100% explanations as to exactly what they were dealing with at the very least. good news things turned out as well as they could have considering what all happened down there.
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>> yes. >> for us, i'll bet you want to know if the weather is going to be this nice all weekend. >> you're making big promises, chuck. >> i was baited into it. chu chuck, you promised ed 100% sunshine, didn't you? yes. plenty of sun is in downtown washington. our temperature has reached 51 degrees at national airport. most of the suburbs are in the mid to upper 40s. 46 in leesburg and ashburn. 45 in dulles and manassas. 46 also in hagerstown. 43 in ccumberland, maryland. no rain drops anywhere nearby on storm 4 radar and nary a drop up and down the eastern seaboard. today 100% sunshine. a nice breeze out of the north, 10 to 20 miles an hour. it will feel a little cool on the shady side. as long as you're in the sun with your sun block on now that we're in the month of april, worry about your sun block, at
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least spf 15 or 20 unless you're super sun sensitive like me, you start from 30 and go from there. >> you have great skin, though. >> i keep the sun block on. >> and a nice old hat. i didn't say you were old. >> let's move on. today family members of a murdered maryland teen are speaking out. the family of frankie revis plans to canvass is northeast d.c. looking for any information about his murder. in february revis was shot to death at tenth street while handing out fliers for pizza. police say the shooting was part of an attempted robbery. revis' brother says frankie was working this job to help support his 2-year-old son. >> we don't want him and the whole situation to be forgotten because this could be anybody else's kid, anybody else's brother, anybody else's father. >> in addition to frankie's family canvassing the area tonight there's a $25,000 reward
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for anyone with information about the crime. >> later today thousands of people around the kun interest try including right here in d.c. will march in honor of trayvon martin. news 4's derrick ward joins us from the newsroom with more on today's million hoodie march. >> reporter: good morning. more hoodies, more calls for justice here and elsewhere. in the coming week, promises to be pivotal in the trayvon martin case. calls for action from the streets, weekly if not daily occurrence around the country in the days since 17-year-old trayvon martin died, shot by george zimmerman in a sanford, florida, subdivision. zimmerman, who was acting as a neighborhood watch captain, says he shot martin in self-defense after he followed martin through the development after becoming suspicious of the teen who was actually staying at a home there. now martin was wearing a hoodie at the time and has become the symbol for those who say zimmerman should have been arrested after the shoot iing bk in february. later today in malcolm "x" park another display, a million hoodie march is planned as organizers say it's part of a
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nationwide effort to keep up the pressure and attention that this case gets. today another massive demonstration is planned for a sanford, florida. florida's stand your ground law has come under scrutiny. it's expected to be zimmerman's defense and later this week a test before a florida grand jury will determine whether charges are brought against zimmerman. now the rally at malcolm x park is scheduled for noon today. the grand jury is expected to convene on tuesday in florida. nbc news has confirmed that a parallel federal investigation is being handled on whether his civil rights were violated. he has not been seen since the shooting, he has said he would turn himself in if charges are brought against him. live in the newsroom, back to you. >> all right, derrick ward reporting. thank you very much. meanwhile, a defense lawyer for zimmerman offered a new explanation for his client's actions. he says zimmerman may have suffered injuries similar to shaken baby syndrome because of
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martin. there are reports martin broke zimmerman's nose and slammed his head on the ground. zimmerman was only acting in self-defense. building a metro line to dulles may soon cost northern virginia drivers more money. the dulles rail project is moving into phase two but lawmakers in richmond have slashed hatch the funding for it. $300 million intended to keep tolls down was recently pulled from the budget. have virginia governor bob mcdonnell told house and senate negotiators he'd stick to his pledge to fund $150 million but no more. state senator mark herring says the move could sway other governments to turn away from the project. >> the decision reveals an alarming lack of vision about economic development and transportation and i'm concerned that it seriously puts the project in jeopardy. >> why would people want to work here? why would they want to live here? we will be killing our communities with this. >> without the funding tolls
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could reach $4.50 by 2014. right now drivers pay about $2.25. tuesday the board of supervisors is expected to vote on its support. the house and senate will vote on the virginia budget april 17. maryland's house is scrambling to get a plan together to bring table games to the state before the legislative session ends. a current proposal would allow table games across the state including at a new casino at national harbor. that location, however, would not have slots. casino operators would get 85% of revenue. the rest would go to the state except in prince george's county where the county would get the state's cut. the senate and house have little time to settle their differences. the general assembly ends monday and even if the bill passes, voters would have to sign off on it in a statewide he everen dumb. >> one of thee winners has claimed their prize but we still don't know their identity. the winner in kansas came forward to collect their share
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of the $656 million jackpot, but they declined to reveal themselves. kansas law allows lottery winners to remain anonymous. the executive director said the winner chose to stay private because they don't need the publicity. they took the single cash payment of $158 million leaving them with only $110 million after taxes. only $110 million. it's chump change really. >> it doesn't buy you what it used to, right? >> it doesn't go as far as you might think. the time now, why some republicans think mitt romney has already won the gop presidential nomination. and this may be the off-season but tim tebow is
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welcome back. the march jobs report is out, and it shows mixed results. the unemployment rate did go down slightly from 8.3% to 8.2%. it's now at a three-year low. the economy added only 1 is 20,000 jobs last month close to 100,000 fewer jobs than expected. this slightly encouraging job report proves the economy is still a long way from complete reko
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recovery. >> it's clear to every american that there will still be ups and downs along the way and that we've got a lot more work to do. >> republican leaders slammed the president on the low number of jobs created. mitt romney called the report weak and that the unemployment number dropped because so many people simply stopped looking for jobs. one place seeing more good news, the d.c. area housing market. the national association of home builders says the washington metro area has shown measurable improvement for at least the past six months. employment levels and home prices are both on the rise. the group says our area has not recovered as quickly as others, that any kind of improvement is a good thing. a new poll shows mitt romney is on his way to winning the republican nomination. despite romney not being close to the number of required delegates it appears super delegates will help put him over the top. a new associated press poll asks 114 of the 120 republican national committee super delegates who they would pick and the latest survey romney
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grabbed 35 endorsements, more than the other three candidates combined. the republican nominee needs 1,144 delegates to secure the nomination. rick santorum's aides insist their candidate is staying in the race. he is taking a break this weekend and hasn't made any m major media buys going forward. he's also under increasing pressure to drop out of the race before pennsylvania's primary in two and a half weeks. he trails in most polls in pennsylvania which is his home state. santorum's advisers say he has a busy week of campaigning ahead of him. they plan on releasing a schedule of his events soon. two occupy d.c. sites could soon join forces. according to "the washington post," protesters at freedom plaza are considering joining the demonstration at mcpherson square. the merge could happen in the next week or so. a spokesperson with the national mall and memorial parks told "the post" a permit for occupy d.c. expires april 29th.
9:18 am
other groups have is reserved the space for spring and summer events. protesters say they might leave an information tent at from freedom plaza. several student athletes at howard university are competing again after getting suspended. the college says it issued the suspensions for ncaa rules violations. those students have since been reinstated and spring sports are back in session. they would not say how many students were suspended. the university plans to continue with an internal investigation into other possible rule violations. i'm sure they're anxious to get back on the field, back in the game. >> and i'm sure everyone is anxious to find out about the weather. let's head over to chuck bell and find out how the weekend is shaping up. >> thanks, angie and richard. nothing but blue skies do i see on our sky watch er camera in northwest washington. the question is, can we keep the great weather all the way
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now buy one samsung stratosphere for $99.99, get another one free. verizon. we're following a developing story out of pakistan. rescuers are searching tore as many as 100 soldiers buried in an avalanche. the after lvalanche smashed int pakistani army base on a himalayan glacier near the country's border with india. there are no reports of any deaths or injuries at this point, we're working to learn more about the rescue and will bring you more details as they become available. as millions celebrate the beginning of passover by gathering around the sa it dr table they were joined by the
9:22 am
first family. the president and first lady hosted it last night led by jewish members of the obama administration. it took place in the old family dining room. passover lasts eight days and commemorates the story of exodus in which the israelites were freed from slavery in egypt. for the first time in 50 years cuban catholics are able to celebrate the easter week. cuba ended religious holidays after the 1959 revolution that put fidel castro in power. good friday and easter were declared government sanctioned holidays this year after a request by pope benedict xvi during his recent visit to the island nation. yesterday cubans filled the streets of havana to act out the stations of the cross. mass was broadcast on state tv. christmas was not reinstated as a holiday until 1998 at the request of pope john paul ii. a texas church is calling this sunday their super bowl. >> that's because tim tebow will make an appearance there. the new york jets new
9:23 am
quarterback is set to deliver an easter sermon at the celebration church in georgetown, texas. the sermon is expected to draw a crowd of 20,000 people. three times larger than a normal sunday crowd. the church set up bleachers in anticipation and rented out more than 100 buses to shuttle people in and out of the event. >> usually easter sunday is one of the busiest days when you go to church. you can barely find a seat. and now you have tim tebow. standing room only. >> i wonder if people will line up tonight and stake out the church like a good concert or something. >> easter sunday is a time for sun rise services. you're already getting up before the sun anyway. you might as well make the most of it. >> and while on the topic of sun, today holds a lot of it. >> two thumbs up from the weather desk today. no doubt about it. beautiful sunshine to get your weekend started. we had a little bit of a cold start early this morning but now
9:24 am
that april sunshine has melted away the morning chill and we're going to be left with a very pleasant afternoon outside. make your plans now, today, and easter sunday, too, looking very, very nice. out there on your saturday morning, 100% sunshine streaming through a beautiful blue sky here in washington. our temperature at national airport one of the warm spots now. we've already made it up into the low 50s but the winds remain out of the northwest at at the point miles per hour and these west to northwesterly winds will be a big part of today and tomorrow afternoon as well so good kite flying weather. no doubt about that. sunshine, 51 degrees here in washington. temperatures have made it into the upper 40s and most of the suburbs. 48 in leesburg. down to burke, virginia, 47 there. 48 gaithersburg. all down in charles county. temperatures everybody should be in the low 50s here within the
9:25 am
next hour or so. and i think highs today topping off in the mid-60s but with a noticeable north/northwesterly breeze and more of a wester ly wind tomorrow. so your hometown forecast, poolesville, maryland, and montgomery county. sunshine this morning. looking for highs today to climb up into the low 60s, again, with plenty of sunshine start to finish. going out to the movies this evening, coming home from the early show, out to the late show, temperatures around 50 degrees by 10:30 at night and a cold start, sun rise services tomorrow in the upper 30s in montgomery county. no worry for rain today or for tomorrow. so that is welcome news. no rain drops anywhere along the eastern seaboard. so if you're making the trip to or from grandma's house, boston all the way down to atlanta, georgia, nothing but dry weather. showers and thunderstorms across parts of missouri, kansas, and oklahoma now. that is a part of our little next chance for some rain showers but most of that's going to be missing us to the north. so by the time it gets here, monday night, nothing more than a 30% chance of a passing shower. high pressure is in charge of our weekend weather so sunshine
9:26 am
today, clear skies and chilly to almost cold first thing tomorrow morning, but after the sun is up tomorrow a beautiful day coming our way. a weak little weather front racing through here tomorrow will bring some extra clouds in tomorrow afternoon, but i don't think enough moisture to generate anything in the way of rainfall chances. a general cooling trend coming our way as we get into early parts of next week and that cooler weather lasts for much of the upcoming week. so for today no complaints at all. mostly sunny, delightful today. highs low to mid-60s. tomorrow more of the same. near 100% sunshine on your sunday. we will pick up a few fair weather clouds later but they will not generate any rain showers. our next chance at seeing a drop around here comes in late monday and even that doesn't look like a big chance and another small chance coming up on wednesday and generally, believe it or not, cooler than average weather yesterday. only the third day colder than average in the last month. >> i believe it. >> it's been crazy warm. >> we sure do need that rain. >> yeah, we do. >> thank you, chuck.
9:27 am
>> well, he won the masters 20 years ago, and this morning he is back on top of the leader board. 52-year-old fred couples shot a blazing 5 under 67 yesterday. now that's the same round he shot when he won the tournament back in 1992. couples had seven birdies on the day and is tied with fellow american jason duffner for the lead. tiger woods, on the other hand, he is struggling once again. he had lots of trouble on the greens. he shot a 3 over 75 and is tied for 40th. there are high expectationses for the nationals this year and today they look to keep a strong start going. on the chicago cubs at wrigley field, and that's the first game of the season thursday in a 2-1 win over the cubs thanks to a late single by ian desmond. gonzalez, who the na it ts picked up from the observing a's in the off-season will make his regular season debut today. let's see if they can keep it going. >> we're hoping. we're going to get out to a game this season, right?
9:28 am
>> i have to get my mitt and everything ready to catch a fly ball. >> warm it up. all right. the time right now, we're just getting warmed up on the show this morning. still ahead -- >> we have to do something about these asians coming in, opening up businesses, dirty shops. >> marion barry said he is sorry for that comment about asian-owned businesses in ward 8. why some members of the asian community now say there is no node to apologize. >> this is 5912, we're on the runway. we've been evacuating, we've been evacuating. >> confusion in the control
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welcome back to news 4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. we begin with the navy investigating what possibly mal functioned causing a fighter jet to crash into an apartment complex in virginia beach. seven people were hurt including the two pilots. thankfully no one was killed. emergency officials say they found all but three people. investigators believe those unaccounted for may not have been home at the time of the crash.
9:32 am
today family members of a murdered maryland teen are asking for help in solving the crime. back in february frankie rivas was shot to death in northeast d.c. while handing out fliers for pizza. his family is pleading for witnesses to come forward. there's a $25,000 reward for anyone with information about the crime. maryland is trying to push a table games bill through before the end of the general assembly. the latest version would put table games throughout the state but no slots at a new national harbor casino. it also gives operators 85% of the revenue with the rest going to the state. lawmakers have until monday to pass the bill. an update now to a story you saw first on 4. the fallout continues from marion barry's comments about asian storefronts in ward 8. the d.c. councilmember and former mayor called the businesses dirty. we found some people who disagreed with him, but at least one resident said barry has a point. >> reporter: the residents of d.c.'s ward 8 and the business community caught in the controversy over a comment. the neighborhood's stores and restaurants, many with thick,
9:33 am
bulletproof glass and loose ceiling tiles called dirty. ward 8 councilman marion barry said that tuesday night. >> we have to do something about these asians coming in, opening up businesses, dirty shops, and they ought to go. let me just state that right now. but we need african-american business people to be able to take their places, too. >> the comment upset some in the asian business community, but there are others who say the remark was right on. >> they all are dirty. >> donnie operates a mobile phone store. the shop was recently renovated but he says many of his neighbors failed to keep up. >> if you're looking at the front of the stores, there are not too many being swept, the windows are dirty. if you look on the ceiling tiles, if you take a picture of the krelg tiles, you can see mold, dust. >> he points to the restaurants right up the block. >> i've been to these restaurants. some of these restaurants, and order food because those closest to me and, yes, i wonder
9:34 am
sometimes. >> the work eers there take offense. >> it's wrong. >> but the critics say the appearance speaks for itself. >> i don't want to eat there just from the look of the store, the mold, the cracked ceiling tile. >> barry says that while he apologizes for singling out asians, he feels all businesses in ward 8 can do better to keep their businesses clean. a candidate for d.c. city council is calling out barry for his communities. se can kou biddle responded to the comments on can kojo nnamdi's political hour. he also downplayed a potential racial split in his race for a council seat. >> i think those comments are completely unacceptable. we have an increasingly diverse city and when you begin to make comments like that, you only exacerbate existing rifts people have and there's no place for them in our city. >> is there a racial divide? >> so, that's an interesting question. i don't know because we don't know --
9:35 am
>> you don't know? >> there may be a racial or class divide as we're seeing in the electorate. i don't know because i'm not actually interviewing each individual voter to find out. >> biddle trails orange by 543 votes with a few thousand absentee ballots left to be counted. >> geographic and racial split in tuesday's primary with biddle receiving primarily the white vote. new this morning, prince george's county police are investigating an accident involving one of their own. the crash happened on the inner loop of the beltway near the baltimore-washington parkway exit. all the southbound lanes were shut down for about an hour while crews cleaned up that scene. this morning police want to track down the person leaving bottle bombs around a prince william county neighborhood. so far two of the homemade explosives have turned up in the lake ridge area. bottle bombs are often made out of corrosive chemicals that can cause severe burns and permanent
9:36 am
injuries. police say anyone caught making the explosives will face charges and pay for damages and emergency response if needed. the death of an infant left out in the trezing cold back in january is now a homicide. the child was found along channing street in northeast on one of the coldest nights of the year. she was about a week old and wrapped only in a thin towel. that towel was one of the few clues police say they have to work with. they're asking for help from the community in hopes of solving the case. the man believed to be behind a large drug smuggling ring into dulles will spend more than 14 years in prison. a jury convicted him of sneaking about $800,000 worth of heroin past security. prosecutors say he recruited people from ghana who lived in the u.s. to act as couriers. the smugglers tried various ways to get drugs through security. they built compartments into their carry-on luggage and in their underwear.
9:37 am
one person sewed two pounds of heroin into a wig. violence is reportedly rising in syria just days before a ceasefire is supposed to begin. this video purports to show a village near the turkish border bombarded by seyrian forces. opposition activists say even though syrian president al asad has agreed publicly to a ceasefire, the violence is only intensified. the deal made by special u.n. envoy kofi annan calls for forces to with draw from cities and stop using deadly force by thursday. peace talks are then supposed to begin. richard? an air traffic control erlen denver could face disciplinary action for mistaking a pilot's call for help as a joke. >> 5912 emergency, smoke in the cockpit, roll trucks, please. >> who was that? >> 5912. >> did you hear that? >> yeah. >> i know it's bs. i know it is. >> you know it's one wha?
9:38 am
>> united 12. do you know of united 12 anywhere? >> that pilot was trying to report smoke in the cabin and land at denver international. at one point as many as two minutes lapsed before the control tower responded to the pilot. analysts say the controller simply misunderstood the flight number. >> it's very complex because we've had these bogus radio calls in the past. whatever the controller was doing, he was distract ed enoug not to hear the 59 but only the 12 and then built a whole scenario around a bogus flight number. >> emergency crews took one passenger to the hospital. the ntsb is investigating as well as the faa. american painter thomas kinkade has died. the artist was known for his brush work paintings of landscapes, cottages, and churches. kinkade claimed to be the nation's most collected living artist. his paintings became spinoff products such as calendars and figurines. at one point kinkade said his work was in 10 million u.s.
9:39 am
homes. he lived in san francisco and his family said he died of natural causes. thomas kinkade was 54 years old. the time is now 9:38. their commutes won't change but thousands of fairfax county drivers may soon have to learn new names for the busy roads they take every day. >> look at the waitress. >> and a brutal attack on a wa [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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look at the waitress. >> take a look at this video from an i willinois red lobster where four women attacked a waitress all because of a messed up order. >> wow. >> the fight happened last december, but the video is just surfacing now. police arrested one woman and charged her with two felonies
9:43 am
including aggravated battery. they plan on filing charges against the other three women soon. the server suffered a swollen eye and minor cuts from that atta attack. well, the already bizarre saga of keith olbermann versus current tv takes another strange turn. the network filed a counter suit against their former anchor saying they don't owe him any money. olbermann sued the company saying they owe him more than $50 million for a breach of contract. they fired him last week after reports that olbermann demanded complete editorial control and taking days off without commission. a close call for an armored truck driver in california after he nearly plummeted off the side of a bridge. police say that truck driver lost control. the driver was able to escape after the truck came to rest. the driver suffered minor injuries. the crack did cause major backups as rush hour was just
9:44 am
getting started. hanging on a cliff there. hanging on the side of the ledge. >> and didn't spill the money. that would have really caused a rush hour problem. >> oh, my goodness. suffering minor injuries with a scene like that is quite amazing. also amazing, though, our weather this weekend. >> yes, indeed. beautiful weather outside for now. we all want to keep the sunshine for the visit from the easter bunny f
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
a sunny day today. >> we started off with this freeze warning. it's start to go develop nicely. >> that's the thing about april. >> bunniology? >> is that a word? >> she is worried about me making up words. i think we got her -- >> you said you hopped in. talking about easter all morning. >> as well we should. it's easter weekend and a lot of people have plans to get outside and enjoy great weather today or tomorrow as well. mother anywnature will play it on us for easter unlike years past where it's been pouring rain or extremely cold. this one will come in just about right. there's the national cathedral
9:48 am
to the left of your screen there, on the left-hand side. a good looking day out there. most of our canopy of trees has gone over to nearly full leaf already. bright sunshine. it is going to be a breezy afternoon. winds will lay down a little bit tonight but then again another bree breezy day coming up for tomorrow. so an awful lot of wind in your weekend forecast. but no serious threat for rain. temperatures are in the upper 40s and low 50s now, so on your day planner today, temperatures climbing up into the mid-60s with near 100% sunshine. today the winds will primarily be out of the north and northwest. tomorrow winds a little bit more out of the west/northwest. so we'll be keeping track on that. 43 degrees in poolesville right now with no chance for rain in montgomery county today. that goes area wide. look at this, up and down the eastern seaboard. hardly a drop to be found. nearest rain drops at all are still to the west side on st. louis, missouri, so a long stretch of mostly dry weather coming our way.
9:49 am
we could use the rain. we're nearly 4 inches behind in rainfall for the year already. and so a couple of showers wouldn't be all that bad of a thing. but high pressure will keep the rain chances away for today. clear skies. chilly again tonight. some spots down into the chilly 30s for sure. not much of a risk of a freeze tonight but, still, if you really care about it, you should cover it up if you live in a cold spot. then tomorrow a little weak weather front might bring out one or two spotty showers in the mountains of west virginia, southern pennsylvania tomorrow, but i think as the weather front comes through here it will not have enough moisture to work with so it will go by us, try, and a little hint of a cooling trend coming our way. temperatures might actually be cooler than average for several days in it a row starting about the middle of this upcoming week. today, though, no need to worry at all. mostly sunny. a beautiful day to be outside. low to mid-60s. a wind out of the north 10 to 20 miles an hour. then tomorrow, again, plenty of sunshine. a little warmer than today. breezy for sure, though. tomorrow winds will be out of the west at 15 to 25.
9:50 am
and westerly winds should help warm things up just a little bit more. so 65 today but 70 for your easter sunday. clouds come back late sunday and sunday night, could bring a sprinkle or a shower in here as we head to the second half of monday but not a lot of rain, not enough to help the dry conditions. another chance for some light rain as we get to the wednesday time frame. but temperatures staying -- tending to be a little cooler than average for a real change next week. >> i know we need the rain but i don't think anyone will miss it. too much going on. >> they'll miss it when their flowers are drying up. and now a look at what's in this week's kids post. here's eun yang. some crabs and birds that are baseball fans, too. why polar bears might be saved by the zoo. and a cookbook written by a girl younger than you. joining us once again is tracy
9:51 am
grant of "washington post" kids post. it's been a while. >> good to be with you, eun. >> first of all, baseball season is under way. it's not just the players getting prepared for this new season. >> that's right. the mascots are ready to entertain and thrill kids. part of the fun for kids of going to a baseball game, certainly my kids, will teddy win among the racing presidents? >> i don't know. >> playoff time is when he'll win. but we also explain screech, the bird, who is the orioles mascot, l louie, who you see at bay sox games, they add fun, kid friendly fun to the games. >> and an essential part. >> we introduce them in sunday's kids post. a story about how zoos may be saving polar bears. >> in tuesday's kids post we explain that kids know polar bears are endangered because of the arctic ice sh is rink. there's a study that says that bringing polar bears to zoos, breeding them in zoos and reintroducing them in the wild may be one of the best ways to
9:52 am
keep the species going. and if kids want to see polar bears they can actually see them at the maryland zoo in baltimore. >> good to know. maybe worth a trip. >> spring break trip. >> that's true. this week finally a cookbook written by a girl still in elementary school. impressive. >> in wednesday's kids post we talk to carrie burke, the 9-year-old author along with her mother, of "peace love and cupcakes." everyone loves cupcakes. she loves cupcakes. she also knows that kids her age sometimes have trouble in school, so this series of books takes the love of cupcakes and dealing with school friendships and puts it into a chapter book which has recipes in the back. >> adorable. >> it's adorable. and we talked to her about writing and cupcakes in wednesday's kids post. >> tracy, thanks, as always. and for some fun family
9:53 am
activities visit or and click on kids post. that is kids post on tv this week. i'm eun yang. a test for drivers in virginia. they have to learn new names for three major roles. it's a good thing. news 4's julie carey explains. >> reporter: this road has been known as 7100. out with the old, into with the new. these signs will soon reintroduce the fairfax county parkway's new route number to drivers. >> it will take a while for people to get used to that, i suppose. >> reporter: the parkway is one of three northern virginia roads getting new numbers as they are reclassified from secondary to primary roads. under federal rules the numbers have to change from four digits to three. the fairfax county parkway becomes route 286. the franconia parkway 289 and the prince william county parkway 294. >> the first thing motorists will see are new signs in the median that show the old number and the new number.
9:54 am
in the meantime we'll be modifying the rest of those signs. >> reporter: vdot says to replace or modify those signs will cost about $200,000. but, they say, it's a change that will actually pay off in the end. primary roads get about 80% of their maintenance money from the federal government saving state road dollars. the name change gets an eye roll from this fairfax county driver. can you imagine yourselves starting to call it 286? >> no, it will probably still be fairfax county parkway or 7100. irregardless of what the sign says. >> reporter: and her mother who travels in from florida worries the new numbers could get confusing. >> we come in on 7100 to get to the kids' house, you know. so, yeah, it's going to confuse my gps because i'm sure the satellite won't catch up that fast. >> reporter: and businesses near the parkways will have to adjust, too, changing online and printed directions leading to their location. in fairfax county, julie carey, news 4. of the new and modified
9:55 am
signs should be up by the end of the summer. a north carolina house made famous in the movie "the hunger games" can now be yours. the home of the lead kascharact katnis eberdeem is up for sale. it's in hild brand, north carolina. the owner put it on the market at $1.4 million. much of the blockbuster film was shot on about 72 acres in hildebrand. the town has been mostly empty since the factory burned down in 1977. the 83-year-old owner says he decided to sell it because there have been so many visitors driving by
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
good morning. i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. welcome in on this saturday, april 7th. a look at some of the top stories we're following today. family members of a murdered maryland teen will canvass a neighborhood looking for answers in the case. back in february frankie rivas was shot to death while handing out fliers for pizza. there's a $25,000 reward for anyone with information about the crime. maryland is trying to push a table games bill through before the end of this general assembly. the latest version would put table games throughout the state but no slots at a casino.
10:00 am
it gives operators 085% of the revenue with the rest going to the state. lawmakers have until monday to pass the bill. this morning the navy is investigating how one of its fighter jets fell from the sky and crashed into a virginia beach apartment complex. amazingly no one was killed. it happened in the hampton roads area which has a large military concentration. more this morning from virginia beach. >> reporter: the latest from the fire department is that there are no missing persons from the crash zone. many people here on the ground are saying it's fog short of a miracle that no one was killed when the fa-18 crashed into the apartment complex and exploded into flames. four people on the ground were injured suffering minor injuries. the two pilots who ejected safely suffered minor injuries. as we hear more about e crash itself, we're hearing stories of heroism. one witness said he actually pulled the pilot from his parachute and the pilot actually
10:01 am
apologized for slamming the jet into the apartment complex. another witness said how she and another group of neighbors actually ran into a burning building and pulled one woman out just as that building was about to collapse. as for the investigation itself, navy officials say it appears right now that the jet suffered some type of catastrophic mechanical failure and that the jet itself was in the sky for only a few seconds before it started crashing to the ground. as are for the wreckage itself, it's going to remain at the crash zone as this investigation continues. angie? >> thank you for reporting from virginia beach. earlier this morning we spoke with a military reporter from our sister station in san diego. leah sutton was a pilot in the navy and flew fa-18s. she told us years of training likely helped prevent this from becoming a deadly situation. >> they put us in simulators where they give us catastrophic failures to make sure that we would make that decision to eject before crashing and losing our own life. in this situation, i very
10:02 am
serious seriously doubt that the pilots could have done anything except get out of the airplane before losing their own lives and what makes me think that is the fact their parachutes and the pilots landed close to the crash site which indicates a last-second decision. >> a student was at the controls at the time of the crash. the navy says a seasoned instructor was seated behind him. virginia governor bob mcdonnell expressed his thoughts on the crash saying, quote, this is obviously a great tragedy. it looks like the pilots did everything they could and exhibited great skill before they ejected. look for much more on this fighter jet crash story on we posted raw video of the crash scene along with pictures and more accounts from witnesses. >> it's going to be interesting to hear what the pilots themselves have to say. >> very valuable information. >> no doubt about that. and turning to our weather -- >> a great holiday weekend. >> yes, indeed. very good weather for anything you want to do outside today. a lot of the spring flowers are up, tulip season is in full
10:03 am
force around the area. the cherry blossoms are long gone but the dogwood trees are out nice and early as well. there's a lot of flora for you to look at on your easter weekend. bright sunshine out there for now. temperatures are climbing into the low to mid-50s in many areas. 54 now in capitol heights. 53 degrees in brandywine. and 50 in hagerstown. nothing showing up anywhere near us on radar. in fact, really not even a drop up and down most of the eastern seaboard. your saturday planner looks good. mostly sunny today. high temperatures climbing into the mid-60s for a time later this afternoon. the sun is down at 7:38 this evening. sun is up on your sunday morning at 6:41. a clear sky, temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s around town. some of the cooler spots, shenandoah valley, out into west virginia, plenty of mid-30s out there but not much of a frost or freeze threat. another nice, breezy day. temperatures up flirting with 70 degrees on your easter sunday.
10:04 am
65 and sunny today. near 70 and sunny for everybody tomorrow. >> all right. >> looks great. and right now we are following some breaking news out of prince george's county. police are looking for the person who killed a man in ft. washington. the victim was found just before 7:00 this morning on webster turn. police are saying very little about the case. we do have a crew on the scene and will bring you more details if they become available. today protesters will gather in sanford and around the country including here in d.c. to demand justice for trayvon martin's murder. it's part of the million hoodies march with calls for the arrest of george zimmerman. protesters will meet at malcolm x park in northeast washington at noon. a new defense lawyer for zimmerman offered a new explanation for his client's actions. he says zimmerman may have suffered injuries similar to shaken baby syndrome because of martin. there are reports martin broke zimmerman's nose and slammed his head on the ground, and zimmerman says he was acting in
10:05 am
self-defense. same sex marriage is one of the most hotly contested issues right now in maryland, but another controversy is also brewing there. same sex divorce. the case that could be decided by maryland's highest court. we'll have that. and lost at sea. the debris from last year's japanese tsunami still drifting in the middle of the ocean and the health risk it poses her [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone
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10:08 am
affecting its computers. it takes advantage of a hole in the java software on the os operating system which is one of the newest versions. apple issued a patch for the hole but says it launched a full investigation to find the culprit. new reports show a popular college can football coach refused to call 911 after getting in a serious motorcycle accident last weekend. 911 calls from witnesses show that arkansas coach bobby petrino told people not to call police and instead got a ride from a passerby to the hospital. he also called the state trooper who provides his personal security during the season. petrino revealed this week that he original ly did not tell the university that another employee, jessica dorell, was riding with him. he also admitted that he and dorell had an affair. petrino has been placed on indefinite leave. imagine looking outside your apartment window and seeing a procession of missiles rolling by. that was the case earlier today
10:09 am
in tokyo as japanese military officials prepare for north korea's planned missile launch. north korea is expected to launch the rocket toward southern japan some time next week. the goal is to send a weather satellite into space but south korea and the u.s. believe it's a ballistics missile test. >> japan's tsunami swept debris out to sea. one of those things, a huge ghost ship, which wound up off the coast of alaska and in a busy shipping lane. this morning it lies at the bottom of the sea after an all-out assault by the coast guard. nbc's miguel almaguer has a closer look. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard finds its target. drifting across the pacific for more than a year. >> it's actually a hazard to navigation with other vessels. >> reporter: 25 millimeter
10:10 am
cannons -- >> they're firing. there is a low shot. >> reporter: punch holes into the ship's hull. a four-hour assault to sink the ghost ship 6,000 feet below. along the coast -- >> what a beautiful morning. >> reporter: biologists search for more evidence from the tsunami. this wildlife marine refuge is protected by man but not from the sea. in recent weeks researchers have seen more and more debris wash ashore here than ever before. >> here is a styrofoam buoy. >> reporter: these buoys and bottles are new and suspicious. they're tested for radiation. >> can we do the geiger counter and see? >> reporter: so far everything comes up clean. biologist torre o'connell can't confirm the debris is from the tsunami. >> we see a lot of japanese debris here already. what we're really looking for is a grouping of debris that would be indicative of the tsunami event. >> reporter: scientists say 5 million tons of sthaem debris is
10:11 am
in the ocean. they can track it but protecting its path isn't easy. >> we're able to predict ocean currents and ocean winds, and it's the combination of those two that move the debris across the pacific. >> reporter: ron has been fishing these waters for 42 years. >> an act of god. it's a terrible thing that happened, but what can we do? >> reporter: for now he can only watch and wait, one piece of debris sunk at sea. but tomorrow it's unclear what the next wave will bring. miguel almaguer, nbc news, alaska. let's take a look now at what weather is shaping up to be like. >> yeah. chuck bell is standing by in our storm 4 center. hey, chuck. >> hey there, angie and richard. yes, indeed, beautiful weather outside. look at that from our sky watcher camera. nearly 100% blue sky out there. we'll talk about your weekend forecast and a look on into the
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
it may take maryland's highest court to decide if a same sex couple can get a did divorce. they were married in california in 2008 and have been trying to part ways for two years now. a judge originally ruled against their legal separation saying their marriage was not legal in
10:15 am
maryland. lawyers for the couple told maryland's court of appeals it would be unprecedented for the state not to recognize gay marriages performed elsewhere. the case comes as new legislation legalizes gay marriage. the couple just says they want to move on. >> emotionally it's hard to be tied to someone you've parted ways and you can't move on with your life. >> the decision on the did i vars may not come until june. no rain and a lot of sun this weekend. >> we actually have a relatively high fire danger out there for this weekend as well. so if you're planning on cleaning up some of the debris in the yard, no outdoor burning recommended today or tomorrow as well. better to just wait until we get some soaking rains back into the area. we are nearly 4 inches behind in rainfall since the first of the year. we could use a drink from mother
10:16 am
nature but that is not in the cards. outbound they go. american airlines zooming northbound up the river. the good view off the right side of the aircraft. everybody on the left side should have picked the other seat. sunshine aplenty out there for sure. pleasant morning. temperatures have reached 54 degrees at national airport. winds out of the northwest 10 miles an hour. a northerly wind today, 10 to 20 miles an hour. good kite flying weather but it will be breezy and as a result of the dry conditions and that breeze today and for tomorrow, that's the reason the fire danger is relatively high so be caref careful. no outdoor burning. temperatures right now climbing into the low to mid-50s. another planeload of folks right there on the north end of the runways. highs today climbing up into the hd 60s. your hometown forecast, manassas, virginia, 52 right now. looking for a high up to near 62 degrees later on this afternoon. by 9:30 tonight, back down into the chilly low 50s. and by startoff time tomorrow morning, sun rise services on
10:17 am
easter morning will be cold in manassas. 38 degrees about by day break tomorrow. no rain around here. no rain anywhere close by to us, so it will be dry today, tomorrow, our next little chance for rain represented by this disturbance in the middle of the country now. by the time all of this has a chance to get here looks like our rain chances will only be about 30% late monday, monday nighttime frame and that is just about it. maybe another little chance for some showers coming in on wednesday. but high pressure is in charge. that means dry weather for the weekend. plenty of sunshine today with a north wind on the front side of that area of high pressure, light breeze tonight. as a result clear skies, light winds and dry air. another chilly start tomorrow morning. a lot of the suburbs into the 30s. but a beautiful easter day coming. nice breeze tomorrow out of the west. we'll put temperatures up closer to 70 degrees for tomorrow. maybe a spotty shower, western pennsylvania, 99% of us nothing to worry about all weekend long from the rain chances and a little bit of a cooling trend
10:18 am
coming our way as we head to tuesday/wednesday time frame of next week. it will be nice to have opportunities cooler than average for more than one or two random days. today sunny and delightful. highs today up close to 5 degrees. so nothing wrong with that. tomorrow, again, filled with sunshine although i do think we'll have a few more clouds starting to sneak in by mid to late tomorrow afternoon. certainly not going to be int interfering with any of your outdoor plans. put your bonnets on without fear of hesitation for your umbrella needs tomorrow. and there's the all-important seven-day forecast. highs actually falling short of average for tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. i will have to go back in the record books. i cannot even remember the last time we had three days or more in a row colder than average but that sounds like a trivia question i should be looking up. >> we thought you knew everything. >> i have to know that i need to know in advance. >> thank you, chuck. more now on the breaking news we have been following out
10:19 am
of prince george's county. a homicide investigation in ft. washington. derrick ward is live on the scene. he joins us here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. we are in the 7300 block of webster turn in ft. washington. i want to direct your attention here to the area just over my right shoulder. if you look back there, there is a white house and you can see that van. that is the area police are focusing on right now. it was about 6:57 this morning when they got a call to check on the welfare of an individual at that address. when they got here, they found a single adult male dead in the driveway. police would only say that he had suffered a gunshot wound. they're not giving much information beyond that at this point. investigators remain on the scene. they are canvassing the neighborhood to see if there's anyone with any information that may help them. very early stages of this investigation at this point, started out as a death investigation, turned into a homicide investigation. police are asking anyone with any information that might have
10:20 am
heard anything or knows anything to give them a call here in prince george's county. in the meantime they are trying to determine who the individual is, what he had to do with this house, and exactly what happened. that's the story for now. we're in prince george's county. derrick ward, news 4 live. back to you. >> thanks for staying on top of that for us. and switching gears here to another story. it's one of the hottest tickets in town. up next, we're going to tell you some of the stars that are going to be featured at this year's white house easter egg roll. >> it's not your typical easter card. the greeting many people got in the mail that had them fuming. perception shifted from romney as a struggling front n front-runner to likely nominee. the question then became if and when rick santorum would drop out. but santorum, who met with conservatives at his home in virginia thursday, showed no sign of ending his campaign. instead in that meeting santorum backers were trying to chart a way forward. the strategy they came up with
10:21 am
hinges on, one, gingrich getting out of the race and, two, getting texas to change its rules. paul, if that sounds like a lot, that's because it is. and it's not likely to happen. gingrich said there's no chance that he's dropping out and telling his delegates to go to santorum and texas would need a waiver from the republican national committee to change its rules but rnc sources tell nbc news there's little chance of that happening.
10:22 am
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while you were sleeping in your warm, comfy beds, hundreds of music fans were spending the night on the cold hard sidewalks outside of rockefeller center in new york hoping to score tickets to one direction, the british boy band is the musical guest on ""saturday night live"." but if boy bands aren't you think how about sophia? she is the guest host. everyone is covered on that show. the show is sold out so these fans are hoping for standby tickets. ♪ you light up my world like nobody else ♪ ♪ the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed ♪ >> okay. so we're talking to the hot boy band before "snl."
10:25 am
one direction was just in washington and we were able to catch up with them. hear from the boys tonight on news 4 at 11:00. you don't have to wait in line for that. just tune in. the white house is opening its doors to thousands on monday for the annual easter egg roll and there will be some major star power at that event. special guests include hollywood stars julianne moore and forrest whitaker as well as olympic champions dominique dawes and michelle kwan. ballou's high school band will perform. more than 35,000 people are expected to attend this wonderful event. now the easter bunny can apparently make it rain marshmallows, did you know. >> look at that. >> gosh. or storm marshmallows. the white puffs came raining down in an annual easter tradition in detroit with baskets in hand, kids rushed to to pick up the marshmallows falling from the helicopter at wayne county park. the kids were able to exchange
10:26 am
it for a gift from the easter bunny. the question is, would you eat one of those with all the grass on it? >> probably not. i'm sure it would get stuck to your shoe, too. some people are questioning a church's methods to gain worshippers sent out a post card depicting a dead rabbit on the side of the road. some people who got the graphic image thought it was a misguided joke. >> it just makes you sit back and wonder is that really necessary? is this the right way to do it, the way to get your church reck niszed? >> some is a calculated risk. are we willing to offend some to get the attention of some other folks who have no regard for jesus, the church, the gospel, easter, or what have you. that's a risk we're always going to be willing to take. >> even some members of the church say they were offended by the post guard. other area church leaders say they would have taken a more moderate approach. >> yeah.
10:27 am
well, d.c. is among several cities around the world celebrating international pillow day. or pillow fight day. >> pillow fight day. check out the brawl that already happened in taiwan today. a few dozen people showed up for this event here. in d.c. a crowd will meet at the national mall near the smithsonian around 1:30. it will last about 15 minutes and then the party moves over to dupont circle. a lot of fun. messy but fun. >> you don't want to bring those down pillows to avoid the pillows going everywhere. >> or your favorite pillow. >> tweet us your pictures. >> absolutely. >> see you tomorrow. >> we're going to pillow fight.
10:28 am
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